Q:Are you a buyer or seller?

Buyer Seller

Q:Are you a Resident or Non-Resident of the US?
A resident is someone that either has a green card or spends more than 181 days in the US and files a US tax return with all their worldwide income on it.

Resident Non-Resident

Q:Do you have an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number)?

Yes No

Q:what is the sales price of the property?

Q:Will the buyer reside in the property more than 50% of the time the property is in use?

Yes No

Q:Do you own the property individually, or is it in you and your spouse's name?

individual individual & spouse

Q:Has the property ever been rented?

Yes No

Q:Do you have any other US source income?

Yes No

Q:Did you buy the property over a year ago?

Yes No

Q:How much did you purchase the property for? (US Dollars)

Q:Did you make any major repairs or improvements?

Yes No

Q:Roughly, how much did you spend on your major repairs or improvements?

Q:What percentage will the real estate agents get paid? NOTE: It is normal for the seller to pay for both real estate agent commissions, normal is 3% per agent for a total of 6%.