FIRPTA Filing Solutions for Title Companies

Title companies employee file FIRPTA real estate withholding certificates in blue file cabinet

When you are required to file IRS forms 8288 & 8288-A for a FIRPTA deal, let The FIRPTA Group file these forms on your behalf. You can avoid the nerve-wracking guesswork and tedious paperwork! You can trust that you are in good hands with our qualified, experienced professionals.

For $99 per transaction we will:

  • Work with and support you on how to identify early on what transactions are subjected to FIRPTA
  • We will reach out to your clients to explain FIRPTA and their options
  • We will prepare and sign 8288 & 8288-A, which makes us responsible

Depending what your client’s needs are:

  • We can apply for ITINs (link to ITIN page at at $500 per application
  • Prepare, sign and submit withholding certificates (anchor to section below) at $1,000 per application
  • Prepare 1040NR tax returns at $500 per owner

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