Non-Resident Tax Returns & the 1040NR

FIRPTA Group client counts coins and calculates his nonresident tax returns (1040NR)

If you are a nonresident alien and you have U.S. source income, you are required to file an annual US Tax Return, or 1040NR. A foreign national who is not a U.S. citizen is considered a non-resident alien unless they pass either the green card test or substantial residency test. Please visit this page for more details.

Types of U.S. source income:

  • Gain from Sale of Real Property
  • Net Income from Rental (Total Income Minus Total Expenses)
  • Other U.S. Source Income – Dividends, Interest, 1099 Income, etc.

Please note: You only have to file a 1040NR if you have U.S. source income.

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For more information about this topic, please watch our educational video, entitled Foreigner: Buying and Selling U.S. Real Estate.